Bad & Ski Pension - prices for a double room

Period Minimum stay requirements Price EUR/person/day with breakfast Half-pension extra charge
10.07.2020 - 27.09.2020 - 47 EUR +10 EUR

(In case of one or two nights stay, a 10€ cleaning fee will be charged. In case of three or more nights, no extra fees will be charged.)

Kaernten card: adults 4,5€ / night, children 2,5€ / night

We can provide dinner from the near restaurant, it costs 10 EUR with consuming in the pension.

The price consists of: accommodation, breakfast, parking, sauna and Turkish bath from 16:00 to 21:00.

The price does not include: pats (8 EUR/day, in its own living quarters, needs pre-arrangement. Tourist tax.

Supplementary information for every season:

  • For the guests of the pension the parking is free.
  • Using the sauna and the Turkish bath is free from 17:00 to 21.00 hours. Beyond these times you can use them for a fee.
  • The 3d and the 4th rollaway bed and bunk bed for adults costs 20% less.
  • For children with age 0-6 the accommodation is free setting in the room of their parents. From the price of the meals they can get 25% allowance.
  • Between ages 6-14 children can get 50% allowance from the price of the accommodation setting in the room of their parents.
  • Single-bed room extra charge plus 50%
  • Pats: 8 EUR/day, in its own living quarters.
  • Minimum members of a group: 20 person.
  • Group prices, allowances and other conditions needs pre-arrangement.